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About  EVOLVE.....


Evolve Virtual Business Solutions is founded on over 25 years of professional experience in Administration and Operations Management in industries such as Medical and Health, Finance, Government Utilities and Maintenance in both public and private sectors. Located in the beautiful Hunter region of NSW, we are able to service a global network using the latest virtual technologies, practical industry experience and certified qualifications.  This ensures our clients are being serviced by qualified and professional virtual assistants  who strive for the highest standards for every client, every task, every time.


How can we help you?

The  virtual assistant  industry is fast becoming the go to for small to medium businesses as they are able to utilise only productive hours they require for various tasks, projects and business solutions. This allows them to reduce the  stress and costs of permanent employee management and eliminates the need for expensive real estate and equipment. All this, while receiving high quality solutions and outcomes to ensure the success of their  businesses.

Formal qualifications:

-  Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, University of Newcastle

-  Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner, Prosci

-  Diploma in Leadership and Management

-  Cert 4 in Frontline Management

-  Advanced Professional Visio 201

What does that mean for our clients?

We specialise in:

  •  Administration Management supported by years of experience and learned knowledge

  •  Database creation, management and analysis including CRM management

  •  Process and procedure development, writing and improvement including process mapping

  •  Change Management to support your business and your people through the ever changing  and challenging world of business

  •  Continuous Improvement to ensure your business is as productive and profitable as possible

  • Ensuring invoicing is kept up to date, debt is followed up and payments made on time